ORANGES & LEMONS Cozy coats for chilly days


Cosy coats for chilly days

Orange wool Alice & Co coat, Yellow wool Alice & Co coat, Susie Hopkins hats Islington

Alice & Gail brighten up a chilly Islington day in

Alice & Co wool coats and Susie Hopkins hats

Back view of Alice & Co coats

Off they go!



This side of winter calls out for some brighter colours

to lift the spirits until the warmer weather.

So I was pleased to find these gorgeous duffle coat fabrics.

Super toasty and warm in a glorious array of colours

Perfect for a chic coat – either full length and glam or short and sporty.

email alice to discuss some design ideas.

Duffle coat fabric wool, coating fabric. Made to measure coats

ALICE & CO design the November window for BIDDLE SAWYER SILKS

Alice & Co and Susie Hopkins Hats created the November window display for the fabulous Biddle Sawyer Silk Shop
The TOOTSIE ROLLERS entertain at the Alice & Co window display party

During the month of November you can see some Alice & Co designs and Susie Hopkins hats all created from the fabulous collection of plain and patterned silks that you can find in the Biddle Sawyer Shop in Berwick St Soho.

The outfits are available for sale or to order in different sizes and colour ways for details contact